Three objectives

We feel privileged to serve the Lord Jesus Christ by producing high-quality gospel-centered resources for the internet. We have three key objectives for 2018/2019:

Go to our purpose to take a closer look at the vision and mission determining our objectives, or check out our methods for a more detailed look at our distinctive work practices.




We have created a high-quality video presentation of the gospel called “What’s your story”. Our intention is to use this video on our forthcoming resource called Stories of Change, as well as include it where appropriate on the websites we produce for other ministries.

Distinguishing features

Our video presentation includes scripture in text and verbal format while at the same time speaking in a language the public can best understand. We present salvation in a way that will resonate with people who are hurting or feeling hopeless. We use strong visual imagery.


‘What’s your story’ is available in our video section and also on Youtube. We invite you to review, download, use and share it.

We make user-driven resources

The Apostle Paul was audience-sensitive in his approach to evangelism (1 Corinthians 9:20-23). As evangelists using the internet, we also appreciate the need to present information sympathetic to the spiritual and cultural backgrounds and characteristics of users. View more about our methods.




We are currently building an online ‘house’ that will function as a central repository for salvation stories in video format. This resource will be called Stories of Change. Our vision is to include salvation stories from all over the world and to continually grow the collection so that Stories of Change may become home to thousands of testimonies.

We want Stories of Change to serve as a towering witness for the Lord and provide powerful proof that God can transform lives, even in the most ‘hopeless’ of cases. It’s our prayer that our sovereign God may choose to use Stories of Change to grant a saving knowledge of Himself to many lost and hurting people.

Distinguishing features

Salvation stories will only be included if they meet our theological criteria. Individuals must refer to Jesus Christ and His atoning work as the sole object of their saving faith. Stories that ‘gloss over the cross’ will not be included. The second distinguishing feature of Stories of Change is that testimonies will be grouped together by life struggle(s) e.g. depression, pornography, abortion. This optimizes the user’s experience, by allowing people to quickly access stories they can best relate to.


You will be able to access Stories of Change from our website. It’s our prayer to be able to develop a “plug in” feature so that Stories of Change can be incorporated into your website if you are a gospel partner. We aim to have version 1 of Stories of Change completed by Christmas 2018. Go to our Stories of Change section to learn more about our current progress on this exciting project.

Sample story

This is Jimmy’s salvation story which will be included in our forthcoming testimony resource called Stories of Change.

Jimmy is from India. He placed his faith in Christ and now works among his own people as an evangelist.




We are aware that many ministries don’t have the resources or expertise to build good websites and keep them up-to-date. We want to come alongside gospel partners and build their websites for them.

Distinguishing features

We are a ministry that is gospel-centered and committed to the Word of God. The content that we write for websites has a distinctively Christian worldview, we include scripture and we take every opportunity to refer to the gospel. We like to write in a conversational and personal style that is appropriate for the internet. We create highly visual websites and include multimedia resources. Our websites are built using WordPress so that they can be easily maintained.


Check out our portfolio of websites we’ve made or are making for gospel partners. Alternatively, you might want to view our collection of guides to help you improve your online ‘curb appeal’.

Struggling with your website?

We feel for our busy gospel partners who don’t have the time or resources to develop their online presence. If that’s you, we invite you to contact us. Maybe God has featured our ministry in His plans for yours!