Serving under Christ

God has brought together a strong multi-disciplinary team to serve Him here at the Run to Me Foundation. It’s a humbling experience and undeserved privilege for all of us to work under the Lordship of Jesus Christ in this ministry, and to fellowship with Him in the workplace.



Transformed lives

Every member of our staff has had a life-transforming encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ and are His committed followers. We acknowledge that despite our lack of faith in Him at times, the Lord Jesus remains ever faithful to us leading us in ministry life. We thank our Savior profusely for His steadfast love and His light in our lives.


Hello there, my name is Fredrik.

Born in Sweden

I was born in Sweden and after stopping in England, Scotland, Ireland, Minnesota and Illinois, I finally found my home in Iowa. I love my wife Gemma and our two boys, and enjoy fishing when time allows.

36 years of wandering

The Bible says that even the most stubborn of hearts will submit to God, if He decides you are His. After many years studying science and working as a scientist I knew there had to be more, but I was stubborn. After 36 years of wandering, I finally humbled myself and came to know Jesus as my Lord and Savior.

Supporting God’s workers

My heart is for supporting other people in ministry to enable them to share the gospel; whether through giving management input, fundraising, objective input or just through general ideas. God changed me and liberated me, and sharing his exceedingly good news, is what I live for.




Hi, my name is Gemma.

I’m Irish

I’m originally from Ireland and I’ve lived in the US since 2007. I love romantic meals with my husband Fredrik, doing projects with my sons, and gardening when Iowa weather permits.

Former atheist

I grew up in the Catholic church but became an atheist in adult years. God drastically changed my life at the age of 37 – when He opened my eyes to the sublime truth of who He is. Now Gods using my secular training in information science and evidence-based medicine in this ministry for His purposes and glory.

Everyone needs Christ

Knowing Jesus Christ and fellowshipping with Him through time in His Word is an indescribable experience I deeply desire for others who are lost and hurting, just like I was. There is no true hope or peace outside Christ.




Hello, my name is John.

Iowa born and raised

I was born and raised in Iowa but met my beautiful wife Kaley at college in Pennsylvania. I enjoy chasing my kids around and spending time making them laugh. Currently, I am finishing up my degree at Liberty University with hopes to get my masters as well.

Rejected God

God came rushing into my life at the age of 18. I had rejected God growing up, but through a plethora of circumstances, I came to a saving faith through Jesus.

A megaphone to the world

My desire is to see this ministry be used as a megaphone to the world proclaiming God’s existence, and His power to change lives.


Hello, my name is Patrick.

Latvia connection

I was born and raised in a small town in Iowa. My wife and I got married in her home country of Latvia in the year 2013. We later moved to the Des Moines area and had our son, Jonah.

“Good person” ideas

Jesus came and changed my life in late 2012. He showed me that being a ‘good person’ was not the ticket to heaven. I am thankful that I have Jesus and that He is sculpting my life to look more like Him.

Direct others to Jesus

God has given me a talent and desire to work with technology, especially in a creative capacity. Being able to use these skills to help bring more people to Jesus is a passion of mine.



We are so thankful to all the people who selflessly give of themselves to support our ministry. It’s awesome to witness God work through everyone and choreograph their gifts, skills, and wisdom to enhance what we create.

Additional Graphics

Nelly Watertor


Tanner Archer

Board of Directors

Doug Porter, Jeanie Thomas, Tanner Archer, Charles Roman


Pastor Pat Nemmers, Pastor Chuck De Cleene, David Gattorna, Prof Dan De Witt

Prayer Warriors

David and Laura Millheim, Lisa and Steve Davis, Gary and Sue-Ellen Godwin


Lori Taschner, Lindsey Holan, Patrick and Bernadette Healy, Josephine Healy, Emmet Doherty

Wise counsel

The first Board Meeting of the Run to Me Foundation held October 2017.

From left to right: Charles Roman, Fredrik Sandberg, Doug Porter, Jeanie Thomas, Tanner Archer, and Gemma Sandberg.
We are extremely grateful to our Board for their interest, sincerity, and commitment to helping us. Please contact us if you’d like to get involved in any aspect of our work.