In this section, you’ll find the websites that the Run to Me Foundation has created for other gospel partners. We include both completed and ongoing website projects.

Check out our FAQ section below for more background information on our website work or contact us if you have additional questions or feedback.

About Alpha Women’s Center

The Alpha Women’s Center is a gospel-centered Christian ministry with two locations in Des Moines, Iowa. This vital pro-life ministry takes care of the spiritual, emotional and practical needs of local women in their pregnancies and thereafter. God uses the Alpha Women’s Center to literally save lives.

Our work

We designed an updated website for the Alpha Women’s Center. It was launched in June 2018. We expanded the content of their website to include more spiritual information, video content and visual content.

View Alpha’s website.

About CrossRoad Ministries

CrossRoad Ministries is a gospel-centered Christian ministry operating out of two Work Release Centers in Des Moines: Fort De Moines Men’s Work Release Center and Fresh Start Women’s Center. CrossRoad Ministries exists to share the love of God and His gospel with the men and women transitioning from prison back into society. As well as meeting spiritual needs, CrossRoad ministries help with the practical and emotional needs of the residents also.

Our work

We built a website from scratch for CrossRoad Ministries and it was launched in April 2019.

View CrossRoad Ministries’ website.


Why make websites for gospel partners?

The internet provides an excellent way to reach people for Christ and raise awareness of local Bible-based churches and ministries. But we understand that ministry life is hectic and many ministries, especially smaller-scale ministries, do not have the capacity to build and maintain their online presence.

God has appointed our ministry, the Run to Me Foundation, to support and boost hard-working gospel partners, by building their websites and writing content for them. This relieves their burdens but also provides a way for God’s voice to speak directly into the finished product because we are a Bible-based and gospel-centered ministry too.

Find out more about our beliefs or view our other objectives as a ministry.

What methods do you use?

We take quality and theological integrity very seriously. We check the doctrinal position of every gospel partner before we consider working for them. Our website projects are prayerfully considered and then planned, researched and built to a high standard. We make sure our websites go through a review process before the launch date.

Go to our methods to find out more about our work practices.

Do you charge for your websites?

No. The Run to Me Foundation has been set up under the lordship of Jesus Christ. We share His heart that generous help should be provided to others deserving of care (Proverbs 3:27). Our only requirement is that we are allowed to include a presentation of the gospel on the websites we produce, and also link to other gospel partners in the ministry’s local area.

Check out our purpose to get a better understanding of what Christ has called us to do.

Doing something similar?

Are you part of a ministry making high-quality gospel-centered resources for the internet? Please contact us, we’d love to learn more about you and your work.