In this section, you’ll find our video presentation of the gospel. Our prayer is that the Lord will choose to use the Run to Me Foundation to produce many more videos that you can use in your ministry.

Check out our FAQ section below for more background to our videos or contact us if you have additional questions or feedback.


  • targets hurting people, people struggling with sin, people wanting a new start.
  • uses plain vernacular language, avoids Christian jargon.
  • scripture is spoken and appears in text form also.
  • includes high-quality video clips to reinforce spiritual truths.
  • completed in 2018.
  • Available on Youtube.

Contact us with your feedback.


Why make gospel videos?

The Run to Me Foundation is an evangelistic ministry. We seek to harness the power of the internet to spread the gospel.

Go to our purpose to learn more about our vision or check out our beliefs to understand more about the significance we place on the gospel.

What methods do you use?

We take quality very seriously (Proverbs 18:9). It’s our heart’s desire to produce resources that are reliable, usable, and accessible. Our resources are prayerfully considered, planned, researched, built to a high standard, and reviewed by authoritative sources.

Go to our methods to find out more about our work practices, or check out our team to see who is involved in resource production.

How can this video serve me?

The Lord has set up our ministry to create resources that will serve you in your ministry. Our heart’s desire is that you will be able to use our gospel-centered videos on your website and social media, as well as use them as tools “offline” to enrich your interactions with people you are reaching for Jesus.

Give us feedback

We want to make high-quality gospel-centered resources that serve your needs.

Contact us and tell us what you like, tell us what we could’ve done better, or give us an idea for our next video.

“A wise man is full of strength, and a man of knowledge enhances his might, for by wise guidance you can wage your war, and in abundance of counselors there is victory (Proverbs 24:5).”